Impeachment inquiry documents and links


I will do my best to keep this page current.  This is difficult as the House Intelligence Committee is releasing the long transcripts of testimony that were taken in closed door sessions. Generally, the transcripts are around 320 pages.    At this point (Nov 7, 2019) the Committee has released over 1,000 pages of testimony and it is just the  beginning.   I will need stronger glasses and get up earlier to read all of it.

The transcripts of testimony and other documents  are available at the House Intelligence website:

House Intelligence Committee

Note the Committee has released transcripts and selected excerpts of these transcripts (usually 8-10 pages).   The selection of excerpts is being done by the Democratic majority on the impeachment inquiry committees, so the selection is partisan.

Other important documents can be found on the above link.

Other Documents:

Rough transcript of July 25, 2019 telephone conversation between Donald Trump and President Zelenskiy


Opening statement Marie Yovanovitch

Opening statement of Ambassador to the Ukraine, William Taylor

Ruling by Judge Howell   (The District Circuit Court of Washington, D.C. ordered the Department of Justice to comply with a subpoena from the Impeachment Inquiry Committee, which would let them read the redacted portions of the Mueller Report pertaining to Grand Jury testimony)

News Links:

I’ve tried to select web pages which are kept up to date with the latest news.

Vox News: What is Impeachment? Nine important things everyone should know about the process

I think the above link is very informative.   There’s still a lot of “if’s” in all this.  I think it is inevitable that the House approves Article of Impeachment.  After that,  the Articles are sent to the Republican controlled Senate.  They can (and I believe will) move to quickly acquit Trump of all charges.   In this case, Trump will blast Democrats for a “complete hoax and waste of time.”  Whether this makes Trump a more popular or less popular candidate is difficult to tell.   Also, as the article suggests, it is difficult to know how long the inquiry by the House will last.  I suspect several officials or ex-officials will be held in Contempt of Congress including Don McGahn, Rick Perry, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, for either withholding documents or testimony.   In this case, DOJ is highly unlikely to follow up with prosecution.    Court cases contesting the validity of these subpoenas are likely going to take months to litigate.

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The Associated Press has been doing their job for decades.  Just reporting the facts.

CNN:  Impeachment inquiry tracker – Subpoenas and requests

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CNN:  The most important Impeachment documents

(Wow- that’s exactly what I wanted to do!  Much of what was in the original whistleblower’s statement has been confirmed by testimony.

10/27/19  22 requests, 19 subpoenas, 12 testimonies given (looks like around 25% compliance so far)

I hope to add more. I invite your suggestions, however I am not interested in posting commentary on this page.