Radical Muslims and Americans

The Republicans pride themselves in using a word that Obama has avoided “Radical Muslim Ideology.”   The terrorists, such as Al-Qaeda and ISIL say this is their  ideology. Good descriptors for these groups are gangs,  terrorists or murderers.  ISIL took terrorism to a new level, with kidnappings and other crimes for profit.

At the core of our country,  is the separation of church and state.   But, it is fine for a political candidate to say, as Obama and others have done, that basic values are founded in their religious faith.   Dr. Carson went too far, in saying he would never vote for a Muslim.  Somehow his faith is better than others.  How can a man so smart be making statements like this?

My extended family is Buddhist,  Jewish, Catholic  and Protestant.   What every religion teaches is non-violence and respect for others.   There are no bad religions, just bad people.  

Most recently, extremely violent and hateful people calling themselves Radical Muslims and their aim is the creation of a new Islamic State.  They don’t deserve this title, as they are just criminals and murders. If America finds itself at war against Muslims, then it’s us against 1.6 billion people.  If America finds itself at war  against ISIL and Al-Qaeda, then there are less than 20,000 criminals to fight.

Stay tuned,

David Lord

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