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July 11, 2017
The range of topics which I cover is incredible. However, there are numerous topics which I have not discussed because they have been reviewed thoroughly in the mainstream media. Or perhaps because it’s too early to judge the final results. The health care bills are a good example. I’m waiting for the final result.

Recent blogs have been international events. I have discussed quite a bit about Libya and Qatar, as I see thee events in these countries are very significant, while perhaps most US populace is unaware of what is going on. South Sudan’s problems need more attention- and I’m working on this topic right now.

I hope to add more on the US under President Trump. The Russia interference investigation interests me, but too much is being made of too little. I’ll wait my time on this one. I have commented on the Mexican wall and immigration policy, but only as Trump’s campaign policy. I am working on a more comprehensive discussion. Similarly, a blog will be posted on energy policy, and the prospects of fossil fuels going forward.

Gossipy stuff is not my cup of tea. I don’t care what the First Lady is wearing or what Trump’s children are doing. Sorry, if that is what interests you.

There are sites which rave on what they like and rant on everything they don’t like. I prefer to do neither. It will always be news first, views second.

I always invite comments on any blog.

Stay tuned,