The Stay at Home Crowd

This is a quick note, really based on last night’s Mad Money show, where Jim Cramer was highlighting Tuesday’s  jump in Netflix and Domino’s Pizza stock price, as a direct result of the “stay at home” crowd.   Cramer then went on to talk about how everyone is ordering take-out and buying everything on Amazon.

I think he’s right.    His argument is that the internet, is making all this easier.  Ordering movies and pizza from tablets on the sofa, with the credit card information stored on the device- how convenient. And really very passive activity.

Bill Gates got it wrong.  It isn’t information we want  at the click of a mouse that we want. It’s pizza and movies.   And more stuff.

And I’m sorry, but I feel it’s a terrible trend.   Movie theaters  and restaurants are wonderful.  Travel.  Shows.  Camping.   Sailing.  Music in the parks.  Farmers market.  Interaction with people.  Excitement and new experiences.


Stay tuned,