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Obama Tells Trump: Stop ‘Whining’ and Trying to Discredit the Election

New York Times Article

Trump’s comments were over the top for Marco Rubio,  Senator from Florida, seeking re-election, who has been trying to put some distance between himself and Trump:

This election is not being rigged,” Mr. Rubio said, adding that Mr. Trump “should stop saying that.” “We have 67 counties in this state, each of which conduct their own elections,” Mr. Rubio said. “I promise you there is not a 67-county conspiracy to rig this election.”

There was no backing down from Trump, which is scary.   He is laying the foundation for a speech when he loses the election.  He might not give a nasty “concession” speech- but leave enough bits of accusations of a rig system- media bias,  election fraud and big money influences,  so others can accuse the government of “ripping off the election.”

Trump’s campaign manager claims this is exactly what Al Gore did in year 2000.  It’s not true- not by a long shot.  In year 2000,  Florida vote count was extremely close and a re-counting began in certain counties where a few ballots could make a difference.  But, there are laws governing the timing of announcing election results, and the Supreme Court decided to limit the recounting.   Al Gore conceded to George Bush and never discredited the election system.

Trump doesn’t retract statements, he doesn’t apologize,  but he threatens his accusers with lawsuits.   He said he’ll  sue Jessica Drake, a pornstar, who said Trump was offering her $10,000 for sex.   No- this isn’t going to happen. Not to a single accuser.  He is suing the New York Times, and his wife is suing People magazine.

One last thing. Ultimately, the Secretary of State from each state declares the winner in the election.  If you take a look at all the toss up states, their governors are Republican.   Look at OH, FL, NC, IA, AZ, NV and even GA- all Republican!

This stuff gets Trump headlines, but nothing else.  Poor Marco Rubio- trying to distance himself from Trump, yet telling people to vote for Trump anyway because he can’t be as bad as Hillary.   It’s a tough act.

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Third Party Candidates

A number of polls show third party candidates may pull as much as  12% of the vote in some states.    I believe this is a result of the constant mudslinging between Trump and Clinton.  If someone truly believes in what Clinton and Trump are saying about each other, then we have two of the worst human beings for the presidency.  Hillary belongs in jail for dishonesty, and Trump also, for sex offenses.

The third party candidates get off  scot- free, because we all know they can’t win.   Interviews are much easier, because there’s no checks of prior statements.

But between Trump and Clinton,  a lot of the mudslinging is just not true:


Nice video on last debate:


I did catch about 5 of the lies in the debate.  At least, I knew we were not energy independent, and never have been:


By the way, if oil prices go down,  our dependence will go up.  I hope to post more on the US energy future.

Of course,  I knew there were NOT  bombs all over the apartment where the San Bernadino couple lived.  I just thought Trump had some source of someone seeing something suspicious in the apartment.  Nope!

Next debate, I will have my list of 10 top lies, before Jake Tapper or anyone else can post theirs.

Finally,  I think third party candidates are appearing move frequently in the media just to break up the monotony of the continual accusations between Trump and Clinton.  You can blame this on CNN and others, all day all news format.

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Don’t Vote Libertarian

Gary Johnson is a nice enough guy, but please do not vote for him.   The Libertarian party operates on a central theme that the government has gotten too big,  but their solutions in most cases, are completely unrealistic.   We all would like to cut the expense of government, but not the services.   A lot of their work is not seen by Americans.

A very telling moment came when Gary was asked a question about the fighting going on in Aleppo, Syria.   He was blissfully unaware of Aleppo.   We can not disengage ourselves from the rest of the world.    Johnson was stumped again when asked to name a world leader whom he admires.   Trump favors “Americanism” as he defines it, doing what’s best for the country.   Clinton’s message, “Stronger together”  generally favors international cooperation.   Johnson seems to favor putting on blinders on, and hope problems (both in the US and abroad) will just go away.

Under Libertarian rule, next time a hurricane hits NJ, Florida or Texas,  you can expect no help from the US Government.   Similarly, if there’s an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or an earthquake in California, forget it.  But, as people struggle with putting their lives back in order, they will be free to smoke pot.   And prostitution will be legal.   Emergency help is all a part of the “welfare state.”     Educational assistance- gone.  Cooperative security through NATO and other agreements- gone.

The policies of the Libertarian Party  represent a giant step back in time.   And it won’t be pretty.   The only good thing about the Libertarian Party is they have no chance of winning.


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