Sim538: 2020 Presidential Election Predictions

A candidate for president must win at least 270 of the 538 electoral votes.  There are many forecasts of who will win the election.  You can google them or you can go to this website, which has all of predictions:

US 2020 Presidential Election Predictions
This is the only site with all 2020 US Election Predictions

I run this website. Sim stands for simulation.  We use numerical simulation to estimate the chance that either Donald Trump or Joe Biden will win the election.   I offer a consensus estimate of who will win based on the results of 20 different websites. is updated very regularly .  There  will be new predictions  done after the national conventions.   Is Trump becoming stronger or weaker?  What do the experts say?

Larry Sabato, a well known for his election predictions website (Sabato’s crystal ball)  appeared on cable news recently.  He was of course asked about his prediction.  From his electoral map, it certainly looked like Joe Biden would win.  But he was smart,  and would not respond directly to the question of who would win.  He knew that there was going to be intense campaigning by both Trump and Biden, and all forecasts are subject to change.

So, please check out my site.

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