Just turn the channel…

Fox, OANN and MSNBC do “suck-up interviews” all the time.   Fox is the worse.  The guest is promoted as an expert in a particular area.  On Fox and OANN, the questions begin with “We would like your opinion on the terrible mess that Obama has created in ….  ” and you can fill in the blanks.   What ever the expert responds,  the interviewer will act amazed at the answer, with a comment, like “that’s exactly right” , “absolutely”,  etc. Frequently, the interviewer will be the one supplying the opinions, and all the other person has to do it agree with what is being said.

I call them suck-up interviews,  because it is exactly what employees do with a demanding boss, namely agree 100% to whatever is being said.

It is done less on MSNBC, but they will often be interviewing liberal democrats and not critically questioning them.

People can select their particular show, and begin to absorb conservative or liberal ideas as their particular religion.  You too, can join the choir.  If it makes you feel good, it can’t be all that bad.

Unfortunately, this leads to highly conservative and liberal groups, and not much in between.

Who doesn’t do suck up interviews?   For the most part, CNN.   Other stations,  BBC and Al-Jazeera are two good stations.

Don’t listen to the suck up stuff, just turn the channel.

Stay tuned,



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