Coronavirus, the flu shot, etc.

I got my shot in September of last year.  It was given free at CVS.  I’ve read enough on legitimate websites to convince me to get the shot.  Every year a lot of people will get the flu and some will show up at hospitals and doctor offices wanting to be tested for Covid-19.   I don’t want to be in that group if I can help it.   The flu shot doesn’t help your resistance to Covid-19.   Fewer folks with the flu this year means more effective Covid-19 testing.

I will also not buy a mask.  The surgeon general says it doesn’t help keep you from getting Covid-19.  Sure, doctors, nurses and dentist use them.    But they are in intimate contact with a lot of ill people.

I will travel outside the US.  Travel to me is one of life’s pleasures.  Fortunately, cruises have never been a part of my plan.

Stay tuned,




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