Buckle up- Nov 3

We will not have money to pay our bills on Nov 3.

Please write this 1,000 times.  Failure to pass the debt ceiling increase doesn’t mean a government shutdown.  Failure to pass the debt ceiling increase means defaulting on our debts.  It has never occurred before.  It should never occur.

The effects will be long lasting.  US  credit rating will be lowered.  The stock market will crash.  Those with retirement accounts will be severely impacted.

If I was a congressman,  I would just pull out my rubber stamp, saying Yes and be done with it. All Democrats will vote for the increase.

But that isn’t enough.   Ask a Republican if they would pass a clean debt ceiling increase, and they’ll change the subject in a minute.   They’ll  talk about how bad things are, we spend too  much on this and that.

Rubio,  Cruz and all the rest of them.

Stay tuned,

Dave Lord

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