Who lost the Republican debates?

The truth could get a word in edge-wise.  Fiorina, Trump, Carson, Rubio, Cruz and  Christie told lies during the debate.

But, among Republicans, Trump leads the group.  I guess it is particularly egregious when a candidate is asked why he said something, and the response is that it was never said, then continues on a different topic.  Or make a claim, when the opposite can be proven.  Trump: “I am the only person in either campaign that’s self-funding. I’m putting up 100 percent of my own money.”   Just not true. Factcheck.org:  “Trump denied ever criticizing Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as well as Marco Rubio, with regard to the H-1B visa program. But he actually did so — in his very own immigration plan on his own website.”Politifact.com  fact checking of Trump in categories of true, mostly true and half true is 15% in total.   Obama scores 75% and Hillary Clinton 81%.  Both Obama and Clinton had many more facts checked.

Fact checking the debates

Trump’s Record

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