Al Jazeera America – Off the Air

Al Jazeera American News ended its broadcast on April 12, 2015.

Al Jazeera America

It provided excellent unbiased, in-depth, accurate   and comprehensive news.  David Cay Johnston wrote a column that sums up my feelings:

The Way News Should Be Done

“Great journalism doesn’t always attract large audiences, ”   as Johnston wrote is the unfortunate truth.  Further he wrote of how AJAM grew as leader in journalism:  “In 2013, when many top television and print journalists were looking for jobs, AJAM snatched up superb talents — including John Seigenthaler, Joie Chen, Antonio Mora, Randall Pinkston and Ali Velshi, the best in his class at explaining personal finance and economics.”

Excellence in journalism gets awards rather than audiences.  Viewer comments mirrored my thoughts – what goes on in the world affects us- so we need to be better informed:

Viewer comments

My favorite by far, is from Jane Smith, who writes, “Please come back AJAM.”

The other major news stations’ problems  are all too obvious- they are more focused on entertainment.  They are obviously pandering to their audience. Republicans like Fox News, and Democrats like MSNBC.    So much “reporting” and so little solid, unbiased reporting.

My favorite news station right now is the BBC.    For finance, Bloomberg and CNBC still lead the pack.

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