More lies about the Clinton Foundation

When Hillary was asked about the Clinton Foundation scandals, she avoided  the claims by Trump and simply named many of the accomplishments of the Clinton Foundation.

There been so many false claims, it’s tough to know where to begin. On Wednesday,  on Fox News, on the 6:00 and 7:00 pm broadcasts, they said indictments against the Clinton Foundation were near according to their sources.   It’s always safe to say the FBI or the Justice Department is investigating some organization because they are prohibited from commenting on their investigations.   But soon the other networks, like ABC and CNN were saying this was nonsense,  and by yesterday,  Fox News was backing down from this “breaking story.”

False Indictment Story

The uranium deal story has a few bits of fact, but no real evidence of corruption and none of them related to Hillary Clinton.

Uranium Story and  False Claims

One of the worst lies was that Clinton’s used the money just travel and make themselves more famous, which thanks to has been completely discredited:

Where does the Clinton Foundation money go? 

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