Deep fried turkey deaths

My local Home Depot is selling everything you need to deep fry your turkey.   This is a bad, bad idea.   Cook your turkey in the oven.  It will come out beautiful.

If you deep fry the bird, it will look like it just stepped out of a forest fire.  Some people manage to burn down their houses.  People die this way.

I’m not making this up.  Which state has the greatest number of deep fried turkey deaths?  It’s Texas.  For 7 years in the row.  This grease and cooking related deaths on Thanksgiving.  Runner ups in this really weird distinction, are Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Congratulations all around, I guess.   Thanksgiving in the emergency room, yeah, I’ve been there, but it wasn’t at all related to cooking a turkey. My research shows by entering “deep fried turkey deaths” there are 57,000 sites.

Remember, you can go out for dinner and be waited on.

Stay tuned


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