The latest salvo from the Donald

Trump has said a lot of times, he doesn’t like losing.   It sure looked like he was going down in defeat in November.  Every poll was against a Trump win.  But, he proved them all wrong.

There are two Donalds,  the winning jubilant Donald and the  losing  Donald.  The losing Donald can be angry, mean and yes dishonest.  This is his history. Happy Donald and Dark Donald.

Now,  the latest salvo, is that 3 to 5 million Americans, who were here illegally  voted and this is why he lost the popular vote.  First, and most importantly,  who cares?   The rules are whoever wins  the majority of the electoral vote wins the election.   The election is a done deal.

The news media are thinking this is just another dumb ego stroking bit of poop from the Donald.   But, they (all of them, of course) are wrong.   In the last few weeks before the elections,  every single poll showed he was going to lose, so  the Dark Donald was preparing for losing- and it wasn’t going to  pretty.

The 3 to 5 million stuff is poop, but it is left over poop from before the election. He keeps his left over poop.   This is what the Dark Donald was going to throw if he lost.   No graceful concession speech.  He was going out like a fire ball.  What did he have to lose?   He was going to lump Obama and crooked  Clinton into one, and that together say they stole the election.  The American people were ripped off, because it was rigged.

After losing and particularly if the election was close, Trump  was going to tear into  Obama, and say that in the months before the election,  the INS was processing documents so illegal immigrants could vote.   It takes 3 years after permanent residency status to get a green card.  For those who had already passed their interview, and all that was left was administrative paperwork,  INS was trying to speed up this processing, so they would not be swearing in a lot of new citizens just a few days after the elections.  These are immigrants who had gone through the system, paid some pretty hefty fees to INS, and were qualified to vote.

I suspect Trump had three speeches already on election night- the victory speech, the concession speech and the “this system is rigged”  speech.   So the 3 to 5 million illegal voters is just a bit of left over poop, which Trump just couldn’t resist using, even though he won.

Problem of course he’s the President now and he just accused 3 million people of committing crimes and has the FBI at his disposal.

Stay tuned,





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