When Trump was a candidate, he praised Wikileaks.  Now he hates any organization which disseminates inside information.   Leaks often give tidbits of information,  so they rarely are the complete story.  They allow for speculation.   This is incomplete rather than fake news.

Trump attacks of the media for disseminating leaked information is dumb.   It is their right.  It is part of having a free press.    He is right that disclosing certain classified information by insiders is illegal.  But,  he went way overboard. The newspapers  such as the Washington Post or the New York Times, are some of the most admired in the world for in-depth reporting.

Trump will be accusing everyone except the people except the White House staff, who he carefully picked to advise him.  Presidential appointees can be fired.  Obviously, this was the case of General Michael Flynn, who was our National Security Adviser for a full 24 days.

As a private businessman,  Donald Trump had total control over disclosures within his company.  What holds businesses together, is money, namely some high paying jobs at the very top.  Another words, loyalty pays and if the company is thriving, the top positions are well rewarded.

That’s now gone. And the President should man up to the job and stop whining about it.

Stay tuned,


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