Minimum Mandatory Sentences

Can dedicated conservative Republican and liberal Democrats find common ground?

The answer is yes, and that is opposition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ memo, directing Federal prosecutors to pursue the most serious possible charges in all criminal cases regardless of the circumstances.  Research has shown that longer sentences in combating drug related crimes was ineffective, and more emphasis should be placed on rehabilitation. The announcement should have receive more notice, but the Russian probe was the headline story.

Sessions memo drew immediate opposition from  the ACLU,  Freedom Works,  Charles Koch (billionaire and strong conservative Republican),  Mike Lee, the conservative Republican senator from Utah and Rand Paul.   You just don’t see this unity often!

The timing of the release was a bit crazy. But it was not going to get as much attention given what else was going on.

I think Rand Paul’s comments are worth reading:

Session’s Sentencing Plan Would Ruin Lives

Stay tuned,





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