Confirmation on Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Sorry folks, I’m on the side of Republicans.  I think  all the last minute scrambling to discredit Judge Kavanaugh is dumb.  The assault claim seems to  lack supporting evidence.   The incident occurred 35 years ago.  I believe it is likely that his accuser, Dr. Christine Ford, was sexually assaulted while she was in High School.   She has submitted notes from a therapist,  in a couples counseling session in 2012,  which supported her claim of assault.  The notes do not name Brett Kavanaugh as the attacker.   Now, 35 years later, she may have the wrong student. Nobody else seems to back up her story.

Yale Professor Akhil Amar’s made some excellent points when he was asked to testify in the Senate Committee.  He told the Committee the best way to evaluate a candidate is by their written opinions as a judge and not from emails and other communications.   Opinions must be reviewed by legal scholars who have real understanding of the issues.  Amar considers Kavanaugh to be the best qualified of the 25 judges on the list of candidates.   He told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the confirmation process is badly flawed, and should be fixed.  I agree.   He told Democrats, “be careful what you wish for.”   Rejecting Kavanaugh will likely result in a less qualified candidate.

I am hoping some of the Democrats break free of the politics, and vote for Brett Kavanaugh.   What goes around, comes around, and there will be Democrat nominations to the Supreme Court.   Would Democrats like it if their nominee got the same treatment?

How would I change the system?  Getting rid of partisan politics is hard.   The FBI must conduct a background check.   I would not allow each senator on the committee to ask questions.  I would have one counsel  representing the Republicans and one counsel representing the Democrats  ask their questions of the nominee in an open session.   The questioning would be limited to one day.  They would be able to present questions in written format.  One day with a panel of experts testifying for and against the nominee would be held.   Individual senators would not be able to make speeches.  I found it most disturbing when senators would cut off Kavanaugh as he was answering a question.   I found it very disrespectful.

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