Good sources of information on the Coronavirus

There is a lot of bad information being circulated.

These are all very good websites.

CDC: 2019 Novel Coronavirus Situation Summary

Excellent up-to-date information on many aspects of the Coronavirus.

Food and Drug Administration:  Coronavirus

World Health Organization: Coronavirus

New York Times:  Tracking every Coronavirus case in the US

The New York Times has done an excellent public service by providing free interactive maps of the known cases of Covid-19 as obtained by the information provided by the CDC and other health officials.   New cases seem to be growing exponentially.  As of March 6, 306 people have Covid-19.    China has approximately 80,600 known cases.  The same link has a map with a world wide cases.   Italy, Iran and Korea have cases in the thousands.

What I found interesting was in 107 cases, or approximate 1/3 of the cases, the possible origins are unknown.   In only 15 cases, there was travel to China.

Dr.  Anthony Fauci,  is the director of the NIAID (National Institute for Allergies and Infection Diseases) said we are probably a year away from a vaccine against Covid-19.

Contagion Live 

China and the other hard hit countries will likely be the places where new vaccines are tested.  I hope that scientists will find an effective vaccine in less than a year.

Stay tuned,


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