Pope Francis Central African Republic Visit

Why go there?   I am certain this is what anybody related to the Pope’s safety is thinking.

But by now,  I think Pope Francis security forces know the Pope goes where he wants to.  So, last Friday, he was in Kenya’s slums,  Saturday in Uganda, and today in the Central African Republic (CAR).  This small  former colony of France  has been plundered by dictators and ravaged by civil wars.

Last couple of months have been particularly bad, with bloody clashes between Christians and Muslims:

Recent events in Central African Republic

He will visit a mosque in the capital city  to show unity between Christians and Muslims .  I think this visit could not have come at a better time.

But few would have gone to the Central African Republic, given the situation.

Pope Francis Visit (CNN)

A very brave man.   See the video clip- he looks happy among the poor.

Stay tuned,



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