Anastasia Lin and Falon Gong

Anastasia Lin, age 25, is quite incredible.  She is beautiful, talented, intelligent  and articulate in her beliefs.  China has barred her from participating in the Miss World pageant because she practices Falon Gung.

Anastasia Lin barred from China

So what is Falon Gung?   It is a spiritual practice in China.  It preaches virtue.  It encourages its adherents to contribute to society.    Falon Gung is non-political.

Falon Gung

The most gruesome accusation against China is that they routinely imprison and later murder Falon Gung members for body parts (organ harvesting).  The murder of the practitioners  has been well documented.

I don’t think Anastasia ever expected to be thrust into role of human rights advocate.  She was put into a difficult situation, and did what was right.   And did it so well  that she deserves more than a Miss World crown.

Thanks to the efforts of Anastasia Lin, the world is beginning to learn more about China’s deplorable human rights abuse.

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