Winning again

“Make America Great”

Trump’s theme.   Listen closely, it is more getting what we want as a country and the hell with everyone else.  You don’t tell a football team, to cut deals with the other team.

But, getting things done, whether passing bills in Congress or negotiating with other countries overseas,  it is a slow process to search for common ground and compromise.   Republicans, if they are going to solve problems,  they’ve got to work out solutions with Democrats.

It’s the big problems that require long term collaboration.    If Obama wants to get get North Korea to stop its aggressive nuclear weapons program,  then he’s got to get help from China and Russia.

Similarly with global warming.  It does exist and will require intense negotiations with hundreds of countries  to reduce carbon emissions.

Trump thought it was crazy that it took 18 months to work out a deal with Iran.   He’s not used to working with 5 other countries, with all the  complexities and the UN involvement.  He’s a one-on-one guy,  with here’s the deal, do you want it or not?   If it’s a hotel or golf course, he can walk away from a deal, with a “come back when you’re ready”  attitude.

Problem is no Republican can get on Fox News, and talk about compromising with Democrats, without looking like traitors to conservatism.  Even worse if they talk about collaborating with China and Russia on issues such as global warming and terrorism.    The big problems will not be solved by Republicans or Democrats, it will be solved by governments working around the world on common objectives.

Make America great by understanding the need for: compromise,  collaboration and diplomacy.   It is not just America will benefit because Iran is blocked from gaining nuclear weapons.  It will be the world that is great.

Stay tuned,

David Lord


Trump vs. Chiller- Tough Choice

I watched Trump for a bit last night.  Pretty frightening stuff.  My wife turned the channel to Chiller, which showed make believe blood.  Probably a better choice.

Trump was attacking Caroline Kennedy, Ambassador to Japan, who according to many in the country, has been an excellent ambassador.    Why?  Because she keeps to the mission of an embassy, as the personal representative of the US Government and its policies, in the maintenance of good diplomatic and business relations.

Trump thinks ruthless take-over specialists, like Carl Icahn, would be best for these positions.   Get in your face type negotiations might work in Trump’s work, of spreading the Trump brand around the world.  But if a diplomat tries this,  they get expelled from the country.

As I clicked through the channels,  there was Marco Rubio, praising Trump (his normal feigned praise)  for capturing the frustration and anger of Americans.  What Trump was really doing, was playing on the stupidity of Americans, and Marco wanted some of his ratings.  Little dog following big dog syndrome.

Then, Fox News chimed in, saying Trump was speaking for the silent majority.   This was too much.  If I want something scary,  there’s always chiller.

The real silent group are thousands of diplomats within the State Department and other agencies, working along side diplomats of other countries, to promote better relations.  It’s called quiet diplomacy and given a chance, it works pretty well.

In Latin America, Quiet Diplomacy Bears Fruit

Stay tuned,

David Lord