Acting Presidential

The recent tweets on potential wire tapping of the Trump Towers by Obama, was shameful. Even Fox News recognized Trump’s reaction was wrong, because no president has the authority to order wiretaps.  It must come from the Justice Department, and be approved through a court hearing.

“Acting presidential” means nothing is done in haste.  Words are carefully chosen. You connect with the American people with verified facts and appropriate statistics.   Unlike a campaign, where comments are tossed about, and then forgotten, nothing is forgotten when it comes from the US President.

The President has the FBI and Justice Department to investigate violation of the law.  He has a team of experts to help him with appropriate responses.

Instead, it looks like Trump fires off another tweet, leaving his staff to find some way to frame an appropriate alternative meaning to his words.  It’s a tough job because he doesn’t back down.

At this point, his statements are 50 to 70% lies according to Politifact.  The most blatant lies (Pants on Fire) are at 17% and false statements are 33% resulting in 50% false statements.  Add in another mostly false statements (20%) results in 70% lies.  Truthful statements are rare events, with 4% in total.  I’m tracking the truthful statements, and will let you know if he makes any in the next few months.

Politifact on Trump

His last true statement according to Politifact 

Bottom line is if it comes from Trump, and it’s not just a statement of opinion, but presented as  factual information,  it is more likely a lie than the truth.

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