Steven Colbert owes Trump Big Time!

Colbert is a serial Trump basher.   Oh shame on you!   Colbert is the host of the Late Show, which by the way I don’t watch, but I tape it, and listen to his monologues.   And, by the way,  he is really funny.

However, it’s not Colbert’s material.   It comes straight from Trump.  It is live from the White House,  taken without any royalties.  Last night’s show was no exception, as Trump’s cabinet meeting was a real hoot.   Each cabinet member has a 5 second segment, to express how much they adored Trump and everything he has done for the country.   Then, it was Trump’s turn, to say how great he was, no equivalent in the last 70 years, giving some credit to FDR.  So, now I  know Trump really is the greatest president in my life time.

Colbert is nothing but a  little parasite, but Trump delivers on a daily basis.  Trump is  a big guy too, and could on any day, squeeze poor Wilbur Ross, saying, “Wilbur, tell me again how much you adore me.”

It isn’t hard to be Trumpian.   I’ll give you an example.  If they sell pumpkin pies go on sale at my local store,  then this is  phenomenal and great and  I adore the store manager, for all he has done for our great country.   But, it they run out,  then it is  fault of the “liberal media” and “obstructionist democrats” who conspired with the horrible  store manager.  Or it’s fake news, because they really have a few pies left in the back.   Of course, if someone tells me of this, then they are leakers.

Trumpian speech  is all about superlatives.   There is not good or bad.  It is phenomenally fantastic amazing unbelievably great  or horrible.   It is  unimaginably amazingly tremendously great.  You can always go higher.  It is beyond the wildest dreams of anyone  in our planet.   Or our universe, or beyond our universe.  Why not include Martians?   As I posted before, Trump’s Taj Mahal was the eighth wonder of the world.

Colbert will continue to be able to siphon off enough of the  hype and chutzpah from Trump, to have four years of monologues.  I honestly feel Trump is due royalties from the little parasite.

Stay tuned,






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