It’s too late for you now

I think you know the question. Moderna, Pfizer or J&J shots can’t help someone who has Covid-19. It was tweeted by an ER nurse. The first line of defense against Covid-19 is vaccination. In the US, it is free and widely available. Yes, there is great progress being made on Covid-19 treatments, but I rather not get Covid-19 to begin with and a hospital bed is a lousy place to be trying to see what’s available.


One thought on “It’s too late for you now

  1. I pride myself for being accurate above everything else, but I misquoted Audrey Wendt. But, in very simple human terms captured the sentiment of her uncle, saying “I can beat this” when it is another roll of the dice. The vaccine doesn’t always beat it, but in so many ways, is fighting with you to beat it.


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