Bracing yourself for the debates

A lot of accomplishments will come from all candidates.  Nearly all have written books, boasting what they have personally accomplished.  On improving the economy,  all the governors will tell you how they slashed the budget of unnecessary expenses, and employment soared.

They slashed budgets in years 2008 and 2009 because the economy had gone bust.  It didn’t matter if they were true blue Republicans or Democrats.  There was enormous spending, however, at the Federal level, with Bush’s TARP program, followed by Obama’s stimulus programs.

Stimulus programs are emergency room tactics and it is reasonable to get rid of them once the economy is in better shape.

On economics:   Every administration in recent time has increased the deficit.  It doesn’t matter if it is Republican or Democrat.  Debts do not destroy an economy.   A country is in bad shape when nobody wants to buy its debt or trusts its banking system.   This causes increased interest rates.  Our interest rate is extremely low, meaning and our dollar is making all time highs against other currency, indicating the strength of our economy. 

When an economy is in bad shape, the stock market tanks.  Our stock market has large price swings, but the last 6 years, there market averages (Dow Average) has doubled, proving the recovery is occurring.

Finally,  employment will never go to zero.  Employment at the low end is rapidly being replaced by technology.   Those who want to stay employed better upgrade their skills.

Zero employment is the ultimate in a tight labor market, resulting in inflation.  So, everyone is working, but the money they make isn’t worth as much.

Stay tune,

David Lord



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