Planned Parenthood and Religious Freedoms

I’m sorry but this kind of gets personal.  My mother loved children.  I never saw her any more happy than when she held a baby in her arms.  She was for 35 years, a dedicated nurse, who really connected with people. She knew medicine, not only because she graduated from Colombia University School of Nursing, but because she kept up with all the latest medical information.   She was promoted to the position of infection control coordinator at her hospital.   She was a volunteer for Planned Parenthood, and counselled many young women.  

She counselled on safe sex practices, and dangers of STDs.   AIDS still is an epidemic. Planned Parenthood provides the needed information in the right way.  Mom’s comment to me is that this is really one organization that is really doing their job.   It treats young women with respect by telling them their options if they are pregnant,   “Only you can decide what is best for you”  is stated on their website.

“Where there is smoke, there is fire”,  but in this case,  “Where there is smoke, there are groups that knows how make it.”

If this is a country which believes in the separation of church and state, then there is no reason to discriminate against Planned Parenthood.   The US Government contribution is small.

Stay tuned,

David Lord



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