The gift Trump retrieved from Adam Schiff

It was a bizarre few days.  The G-7 meeting wouldn’t be at the Doral Country Resort. The change occurred 48 hours after the announcement was made.  Mike Mulvaney made the announcement at a White House briefing with reporters, which was a nightmare for the Trump administration. because in response to journalists’ questions, he admitted that 400 million dollars in military aid had been withheld, pending an investigation into the Bidens.   I’m certain Adam Schiff could not believe his luck that day.

Trump’s Doral Resort is doing badly by many accounts (see link at bottom).  Some reports say that revenues are off 60%.  The G-7 meeting was to be held in June, after the beginning of hurricane season.  Attendees from around the world better bring a lot of bug spray.

The White House media contacts had to be going nuts, trying to defend his decision to host the meeting there, as the only suitable location in the US  and then backtrack 48 hours later.

Trump was already being sued for violating the emolument clause of the US Constitution with his hotel in Washington and an active impeachment inquiry was proceeding in Congress.  Obviously, the impeachment inquiry had been revitalized by the Ukraine-Biden Dirt scandal.    Who in their right mind would do this?

Trump’s tweet, “… Therefore, based on both Media and Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility, we will no longer consider Trump National Doral, Miami as the host site of the G-7 in 2020. ”

Note, it was the Media this time, not the “Fake News, Liberal Media and the failing New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, etc”  that was to blame.

Maybe, just maybe Trump tuned into Fox News, and heard their legal analyst, Judge Napolitano statement, “This is about a direct and profound a violation of the emoluments clause as one could create.”  Napolitano was being interviewed by Neil Cavuto, who added that the Trump Doral Resort had been “severely underperforming” for years.   Napolitano told Cavuto that emoluments are cash payments and Trump’s stock ownership into two corporations, one that owns the resort and another that provides management services, would create the legal issues.  He predicted a third emolument lawsuit would arise in Florida.

I don’t think Trump has any respect for Democrats or most of the commentators on social media.  He can insult them all he wants. His supporters like that.   How he thought he could get away with this, still amazes me.  As reported, he tends to listen only to people who agree with him.   What forced his hand ultimately, I believe,  is the realization that this action was going to be a key impeachable offense as well as a legal nightmare.  On top of that, the fact that the Resort was in decline, was an added publicity mess.  That’s why we have Congressional oversight, an independent judiciary and free speech – to hold a President accountable.

One final note- Donald Trump never takes responsibility for ill considered decision like this one.   Latest report is that they are looking for a replacement for White House Chief of Staff, Mike Mulvaney, a terribly thankless job.

Stay tuned,



Fox News: Judge Napolitano: Hosting G7 at Trump Doral is a violation of Emoluments Clause

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