2020 Presidential Election

These are the swing states. It takes 270 electoral votes to win. Neither candidate can win without winning some of the swing states.

Everyone should vote. Right now, if you have an mail-in ballot, there isn’t time to mail it in. There are drop boxes at the polling locations. You must go there in person.

The election is far from over. The map above is from a consensus of maps developed by many organizations. See www.sim538.com

For Donald Trump to win the election, he must hold on to the states he won in 2016. For Biden to win, he must flip a number of the states. The states which Biden might flip are MI, WI, AZ, FL and NC. If Trump wins the swing states, he will win the election for four more years.

I urge everyone to vote. The results may not be known on election day because so many Americans have voted by mail, and in many states, they are not allowed to tally the votes until election day. So vote and be patient for the final tally.

Stay tuned,


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