Thank you election workers and voters

Poll observers and workers keep our system working. I know that the part time election workers, whether they are in the backrooms counting ballots, or at the desks checking ID’s are doing their jobs. It’s likely the person who signs you in and hands you the ballot today, got to work at 5:30 am, at least in Miami. Smile and thank them.

Turn out in 2020 is going to set new records. This is excellent. Whether the electorate votes to keep our current president for the next four years or elect a new one, it is the voters choice, as set in our constitution.

The enemies of democracy are the silence of the press and apathy of the electorate. Our election is labor intensive. At every polling location across this country, volunteers act as observers, making sure everyone gets a chance to vote. Every single legitimate vote must be counted.

In other countries, leaders find ways to engineer their re-election to perpetuate their hold on the countries. A country does not one day slip into a dictatorship, it happens through an erosion of the freedoms to assemble and speak freely and a willingness to accept corruption and autocracy.

Democracy needs participation and vigilance. Your vote counts. Bring your ID. If you are in line before the polls close and are at the right voting location, you can vote.

Stay tuned,


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